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PINK | Aftercare Lotion with Aloe Vera | 250 ml

Content: 0.25 Liter (£49.96* / 1 Liter)

PINK | skin cleanser | 250 ml

Content: 0.25 Liter (£49.96* / 1 Liter)

PINK | Wax Remover | 500 ml

Content: 0.5 Liter (£13.66* / 1 Liter)

PINK | pre-treatment oil with aloe vera | 250 ml

Content: 0.25 Liter (£49.96* / 1 Liter)

Diamond Augenbrauen Pinzette | beschichtet


Waxing products from Miss Lashes

Welcome to our Face Waxing category at Miss Lashes, your expert in professional face waxing. Dive into the world of hair removal and discover our extensive range of products specially tailored for face waxing. From high-quality waxes to practical accessories, we offer everything you need for effective and gentle facial hair removal.


Berry Bomb Hot Wax: The perfect choice for face waxing

Our Berry Bomb Hot Wax by PINK is not only a fragrance explosion, but also has many benefits to offer. With this Next Generation Hot Wax, you can work with hair as short as 1 mm. It is extremely effective, can be applied in different directions, dries quickly and requires a low application temperature. Made from high quality raw materials and a unique oil blend, it is also suitable for sensitive skin types.

Wooden spatula: Precise application of wax on the face

Our wooden spatulas are ideal for applying wax to the face. Whether upper lip or eyebrows, this small PINK wooden spatula allows precise depilation of small areas of skin on the face.

Wax heater: professional heating device for face waxing

Our wax heater is a professional heating device suitable for all types of depilatory waxing. With an easy-to-use temperature control and a separate insert, it provides optimal conditions for face waxing. The removable aluminum insert allows for easy cleaning and the device can be used both with and without the insert.

Aftercare lotion with Aloe Vera: Soothing care after waxing.

Our aftercare lotion with aloe vera extract is specially formulated for use after waxing. It soothes irritated and reddened skin and promotes healing. Pamper your customers with this nourishing lotion and ensure optimal aftercare.

Perfect Face Waxing Starter Set: Everything you need for face waxing

Our Perfect Face Waxing Starter Set is a comprehensive solution for fast, gentle and effective facial hair removal. In addition to high-quality wax, the set also includes products for the perfect before and after treatment

Free online training: Perfect your waxing skills.

For our Starter Set we offer a free online training. In this training we guide you step by step through the correct application and give valuable tips for face waxing. Complete the training and receive a Miss Lashes certificate. Find out more about our extensive range of training courses here.

Discover the world of face waxing at Miss Lashes and find the perfect products for your treatments. With our high-quality selection and expertise in waxing, you'll be well-equipped to gently and effectively wax your customer's face. Use our products and experience impressive face waxing results.


Starter sets for your online training

If you want to book an online training and you are still missing the right starter set, you will find it here: Discover the perfect sets that contain everything you need for your training: Whether you want to learn more about Lashes, Brows or BB Skin - we have the right training with starter set for you.
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