Eye Tape

Eye Tape

Article-No.: ML1447

Eye Tape 

This professional pink eye tape made of fleece with micropores is very comfortable and breathable. The soft tape allows you to isolate the lower and upper lashes during the eyelash extension treatment. The structure feels like a second skin and thus allows for a particularly comfortable treatment. The tape is very easy to apply and just as easy to remove. It stays on during the treatment and can be removed without any problems or unpleasant pulling. 

There are two ways to apply the Eye Tape:

  1. Cut two equal parts and cross them over each other from the inner and outer corners and fix them.
  2. Cut off one part, cut the eye shape and use like an eye pad.  


  • pink eye tape made of fleece 
  • comfortable and breathable
  • isolates the lower eyelashes during eyelash extension treatment
  • no unpleasant pulling when removing
  • two application possibilities


Material: fleece 
Size: 2,5 cm x 3,6 meters per roll
Quantity: 1 roll
Color: pink 


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